Na’Vi no more in WoT…

Today Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A are sad to announce the release of our World of Tanks division, which we signed on 4 July 2013. Back then the players of Russian Federation RUSH were considered the best and most decorated in the world. After transferring to Ukraine Natus Vincere they strengthened their positions. The team won 25 golden medals at various tournaments including StarLadder, WGL: Golden League, TechLabs and many others. They earned $ 800 000 in prize money.

Unfortunately, over the past three years World of Tanks hasn’t been developing as an eSports title: there’s been no increase in tournament quantity and prize pools. Meanwhile, many grand organizations of the discipline released their teams: Russian Federation Virtus.proInternational FnaticInternational PENTA SportsGermany mousesportsUkraine Hellraisers and others.

We’d like to express our gratitude to our players for their loyalty and the development of Ukraine Natus Vincere project. We hope they’ll continue building they careers and will win many more first places.

Ukraine Yevhen Zolotarov, CEO Natus Vincere:

“Sometimes to move forward you need to make hard decisions: today we bid farewell to World of Tanks discipline. Over the past 4 years, the tankers have become the inalienable part of our eSports club. They’ve been always performing at the highest level. We can say that this roster has been the most consistent in the history of our organization. However, despite the successes and hard work of the players, eSports of WoT hasn’t moved forward from where it was back in 2013. I perfectly understand that the game is a successful business project. Probably Wargaming is good with current situation, but we cannot operate in the discipline, which has only 4 tournaments per year and no support is provided by a publisher.

I’d like to express gratitude to every player for their loyalty and the contribution to the development of Natus Vincere project. You are real professionals and we’ve always enjoyed working with you. I hope you’ll continue playing together. GL & HF”

Russian Federation Dmitry “de1uxe” Repin, manager:

“These 4 years in Na`Vi were unforgettable. We’ve won much and learnt much. I’d like to express my special gratitude to Alexandr “Zerogravity” Kokhanovsky, Igor “caff” Sidorenko and Oleg “prb” Bulavko for the trust, patience and contribution to our team. I am also very grateful to our fans – you are the best!”

ru Dmitry “LeBwa” Palaschenko:

“Our team has been playing under the banners of Na`Vi for over three years now. It was great time. I remember how everyone in the team was glad, when we signed the contract. We were negotiating with two organizations, but everyone wanted to play in Na`Vi. I’d like to thank for the support throughout such long period of time. I can say that the players have never been in need during this time ).

The reason why organization leaves tank eSport are quite understandable. There’s no secret, that it is in decline ) I with Na`Vi further growth and success in other titles.

Natus Vincere G2A World of Tanks roster:

  • ru Kirill “Kirilloid” Ponomarev
  • ru Maxim “Inspirer” Mazein
  • ru Dmitry “LeBwa” Palaschenko
  • ru Oleg “Straik” Romanenkov
  • ru Anatoliy “TheAnatolich” Barakov
  • ua Andrei “Rhino” Les
  • ua Dmitry “SL1DE” Frishman
  • Russian Federation Dmitry “de1uxe” Repin (manager)



Top 1 WGL 2016 Season 1 $ 50 000
Top 1 The Grand Finals 2016 $ 150 000
Top 1 WGL 2015 Season 2 $ 27 500
Top 1 WGL 2015 Season 1 $ 27 500
Top 1 WGL 2014 Season III $ 55 000
Top 1 Mianyang City Cup $ 32 000
Top 1 WGL 2014 Season I $ 50 000
Top 1 WGL Grand Final $ 110 500
Top 1 WGL Season III $ 50 000
Top 1 Techlabs Cup BY 2013 Grand Final $ 12 000
Top 1 WGL Season II $ 50 000
Top 1 NVIDIA GeForce eSports $100K Open $ 25 000
Top 2 «Битва Чемпионов» $ 40 000
Top 2 World Cyber Arena 2015 $ 79 000
Top 2 WGL 2014 Season II $ 25 000
Top 2 WGL 2016-2017 Season 2 $ 25 000
Top 3 The Grand Finals 2015 $ 35 000
Top 3 Continental Rumble $ 15 000
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