PS4 eSport Weekly Summary

Welcome in our weekly report from PS4 eSport scene! Today art include information including schedules from CPL and report from RU PS4 Tourney run by WG! Enjoy!

Exactly a week ago on PS4 started 2 eSport competitions for Clans. We will start with news about WG PS4 Tourney organized for RU Community!


WG PS4 Tourney is set on one month long schedule. They decided to give quite big prizes in compare to what we have seen so far:

1st Place: 10 000 Gold + 30 Day Premium + 6 000 000 Silver + M6A2E1 Tier VIII Premium Tank!

2nd Place: 10 000 Gold + 30 Days Premium + 3 500 000 Silver

3rd Place: 7 500 Gold + 14 Days Premium + 2 000 000 Silver

4th Place: 14 Days Premium + 1 500 000 Silver

5th – 8th places: 1 000 000 Silver

9th – 16th places: 500 000 Silver

30 Clans started on Saturday Group Phase, apart of well know on eSport scene RU Clans: MOSAD and SOBR theyre,  place for the bragging rights found 4 recognizable Clans from EU: -S-, TOP25, CRAB and METAL (EU Summer Torunamet Winner and current CPL Champion). In Tourney we can also found well known only from random battles clans like 1R, -W-, 1R-S or even EASY.

From Group phase advanced 16 Clans and in these we can see 3 Clans from EU: TOP25, CRAB and METAL.

We wish Good Luck for Everyone!

Details on Matches and Scores can be seen live at:


At same time as WG Tourney started 3rd Season of CPL and we got some news from the front for ya!

Start was bumpy, new rule set appeared not exactly clear for all and we could observe some unlucky lost rounds because of unawereness of Fog of War rule, there was some smaller missunderstandings and some time converting issues but we hope it will runs smoother from now on 🙂


We were able to witness so stone cold behavior from participating Clans but we could seen some serious Fair Play from Clans 303 and MOSAD aswell – wich no matter circumstances did not want theyre opponents to loose by WO caused by technical issues! Well done guys – Good Game!


We can watch some really week moments and some absolutely stunning actions on provided videos from CPL YouTube Channel. We managed to find out that Clan A_E (Ancient Exiles) decided to withdraw from CPL. Theyre officer sidious3883 stated:

Appreciate the effort you have put into setting everything up but that style of play is just not for us.


On top of that we got you covered with detailed Schedules for 3rd Round! Good Luck & Have Fun!

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