WGL EU Silver Series Announcement

The new season is finally here, and with it come several important changes to the Silver and Bronze Series. Everything will be explained in detail in this news, but feel free to share any questions or concerns with us! Gold Series will also be undergoing major changes in format and ruleset, and for that reason we want make sure the leagues that feed into it have a similar ruleset.

In Silver Series, every player receives a Special WoT account, with every tank and crew skill unlocked, as well as plenty of gold and credits to go with them!
The winner is promoted to the WGL EU Gold Series, a league with over 300.000$ prizepool!
If you want to be the next WoT pro, this is your starting point!

Silver Series League Format

For the most part, the league format is the same, with a few crucial changes.

  • Number of teams: 20 teams
  • Duration: 8 weeks plus playoffs
  • Start date: 09/08/16 (9th of August 2016)
  • Weekly schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:00 CEST
  • Promotions and Demotions: places 16th and lower are demoted weekly
  • Playoffs: Top 8 qualify, 1st place promoted to WGL EU Gold Series, 2-5th place qualify for the WGL EU Qualifiers




Promotions and Demotions

Our new system promotes further team development, with a focus on providing a platform to train for established teams, as well as prize winnings. At the same time, the system is simple for new teams and does not force a big time commitment.

Demotion: At the end of every matchweek, teams ranked 16th and lower will be removed from the league and lose their special accounts. They will have the opportunity to join and participate 2 weeks later.

Promotion: The top 5 teams in Go4WoT get promoted to Silver Series every week (not including Silver Series teams or the demoted teams from the previous week)

Effective immediately, players from the WGL Gold Series are not allowed to play in Go4WoT, regardless of whether or not they are representing the same team.
Teams that are in Silver Series can continue playing in Go4WoT, with no restrictions.


Rule Changes

A consistent, balanced and intuitive ruleset is vital for a league to run smoothly. All the changes below are made with that idea in mind.

  • Players banned on the ESL Play platform are forbidden from playing in WGL Silver Series.


  • Teams can now add or remove players freely during the season as long as they do not remove 50% or more of the initial roster (based on the roster at the start of the season)


  • Special battles will now start at 20:00, instead of 15 minutes earlier


  • Teams will now have to participate in the Playoffs at the end of the season in order to qualify for the Gold Series or for the Qualifier.



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